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About Us

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The dream of opening a pizzeria started in my home town of Monte di Procida, a small coastal town just outside of Naples, Italy.  Fast forward a few years and I was able to immigrate to the states to work in the restaurant business. After a few years of hard work and a little luck, I opened my own place and Scarpetta Pizzeria was born! 

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Over the next 2 years life threw a few curveballs my way though. While my wife had decided on the original name which had a beautiful story behind it, we needed to change it. Thats when we decided on Sapore Pizzeria! Sapore (Pronounced Sah-poor-a) means tasty/flavorful in Italian. 


We hope you’ll check us out sometime! When you do, you’ll most likely see me covered in flour, throwing around some dough and crafting the best tasting pizza possible! 

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